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After reviewing over 50 different international wine clubs, we found the following to be the ten best. Our list of the best international wine clubs tends to change quite frequently though, so be sure to check back from time to time to ensure the wine club you want to sign up with is still listed here. I can tell you this though, the Top 5 Best International Wine Clubs are always the same, year after year. These Top 5 specialize in finding the best international wines and it shows. Most of these wine clubs remunerate us for all the new members we send their way and we greatly appreciate that. If you sign up with one of these wine clubs and you are not satisfied with the international wines you receive, please send us an email and let us know so we can update our review accordingly.

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Wine of the Month Club

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Overall Rating: 5 Stars Phenomenal
When it comes to international wines, we've found the wines you'll receive from the Wine of the Month Club's Vinters Series to be by far the best out of any other wine club. Only 2 wines out of 400 tasted EVERY MONTH make the grade and boy are they amazing wines. We love receiving their top international wine picks from all over the world: Napa Valley, Bordeaux, the Loire, Tuscany, Australia and even one or two exceptional wines from Hungary and New Zealand. You won't be disappointed by their exceptionally detailed wine education, affordable pricing, superb packaging (that makes a great presentation piece at dinner parties) and amazing customer service that we just can't stop raving about.

wine Wine Quality: 5 Stars Phenomenal
Every bottle of international wine you receive from the Wine of the Month Club has been prescreened by a highly trained panel of tasters that evaluate and compare their favorites out of the 400+ bottles of international wine evaluated every month! The Wine of the Month Club is the ONLY international wine club that goes to such extremes to ensure you only receive the highest quality international wines each and every month.
wine club reviews Wine Education: 5 Stars Phenomenal
The Wine of the Month Club provides more detailed information on the international wines you will receive than any other international wine club. You'll learn what's behind each international wines distinctive taste, balance and character, as well as all about the vineyard and people that created it (Here's a sample).
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Pricing: 4.5 Stars Outstanding
The Wine of the Month Club offers three different wine clubs that all feature international wines. Pricing starts at $19.98 a month for two bottles of wine (choose either 2 whites, 2 reds or 1 of each). For the quality of the international wine you receive, $9.99 a bottle is an phenomenal price.

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wine of the month club

Wall Street Journal International Wine Club VISIT SITE

The Wall Street Journal Wine Club

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Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars Outstanding
When it comes to international wines, the Wall Street Journal Wine Club is easily our second favorite wine club. The price per bottle is excellent ($5.84 a bottle) and the quality and supporting wine education is outstanding. You won't be disappointed in any of the wines from around the world you receive. So far we've received exceptional wines from France, Australia, Chile, Spain, Italy and Argentina and we hear that our next shipment includes a 90+ point wine from New Zealand.

Wine Quality: 4.5 Stars Outstanding
While the quality of wines that you'll receive from The Wall Street Journal Wine Club is outstanding, we found them to be just a bit lower than The Wine of the Month club, which we ranked #1 for international wines. However, these are still delicious wines at absurdly low prices. And I must add that we have yet to find an international wine from the WSJ Wine Club that we didn't like.

Wine Education: 4.5 Stars Outstanding
The colorful tasting notes you receive from the WSJ Wine Club are really well put together and a vast improvement over last year's tasting notes. They now provide nearly as much info as The Wine of the Month Club does.

Pricing: 5 Stars Phenomenal
Price wise, there is no competing with the Wall Street Journal Wine Club. At $5.84 a bottle, there is no wine club that is lower priced. Contrary to popular belief, the lower price does not mean that you are getting low quality wine. It just means that the Wall Street Journal Wine Club has some seriously good wine buyers!

WSJ Wine Club   Wall Street Journal Wine Club   #1 Best Wine Club   #1 of all wine clubs
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Laithwaites International Wine Club VISIT SITE

Laithwaites Wine Club

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Overall Rating: 4 Stars Excellent
Coming in at #3 this year, Laithwaites Wine Club (formerly known as the 4 Seasons Wine Club), is an easy Top 3 choice as they have the same OUTSTANDING pricing that The Wall Street Journal Wine Club does, only $5.84 a bottle. Plus the wines they send are of very high quality and the free Deluxe Lever-action Corkscrew is perfect for giving the wine club as a gift. With a 100% money back guarantee, the Laithwaites Wine Club is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high value international wine club.

Wine Quality: 4 Stars Excellent
Every quarter Laithwaites sends out a new 12 bottle shipment and so far, every quarter, we've been ecstatic with the international wine selection and the superb quality of the wine. At only $5.84 a bottle, you'd expect these wines to be of very low quality, but luckily that is just not the case with the Laithwaites Wine Club.

Wine Education:4 Stars Excellent
The Laithwaites Wine Club also does an excellent job of educating you on each and every international wine that you receive. You'll learn what country and region of that country the wine came from, what the growing season was like that gave the wine it's unique flavor, how it was harvested and what was added to make the wine so unique and delicious. Like the Wall Street Journal Wine Club, the educational component of this international wine club is superb.
Pricing: 5 Stars Phenomenal
The Laithwaites Wine Club and the WSJ Wine Club both offer the lowest pricing out of all the wine clubs we've reviewed at only $5.84 a bottle. Like other wine clubs, they also charge a $19.99 shipping and handling fee.
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Cellars International Wine Club VISIT SITE

Cellars Wine Club

Overall Rating: 4 Stars Excellent
Cellars International Wine Club came in 5th place this year thanks to sending us so many superior wines from Europe to Australia, from South America to South Africa and all foreign countries in between. Every month you will receive a new country's wine. Only the best of that country make it on the list; selected by Cellars Wine Club experts. One month may bring a nice Italian Sangiovese and New Zealand Merlot to your door, while the next month brings an Chilean Malbec with a Spanish Tempranillo.

Wine Quality: 4 Stars Excellent
The wines you receive from Cellars International Wine Club are some of the best wines available, which is why they ranks so well in our 90+ point wine club reviews. You'll pay more for this membership, but it will be worth it.
Wine Education: 4 Stars Excellent
Every monthly international wine club shipment comes with a free newsletter detailing the wineries and wines featured in that shipment, tasting notes, food pairings, recipes, and other wine related articles.
Pricing: 4 Stars Excellent
Most international wine clubs are not as inexpensive as the ones listed above that start at $5.84 a bottle, and instead range in the $15 to $30 a bottle range. Cellar's International Wine Club falls right in that range, charging $39.95 a month for 2 bottles. Choose between 2 different reds or 1 red and 1 white wine.
Cellars International Wine Club Coupon Code:
Enter "25CWC12" at checkout to receive $25 off any year long membership!



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Uncorked Ventures International Wine Club VISIT SITE

Uncorked Ventures Wine Club

Overall Rating: 4 Stars Excellent
The Uncorked Ventures Wine Club came in 6th place this year for international wines as EVERY bottle is a 90+ point wine. In fact, they earned the #1 position this year in our 90+ point wine club reviews. However, we didn't rank them in the Top 3 Best International Wine Clubs as the majority of the wines in their wine club are from California. Read our full review of the Uncorked Ventures Wine Club.

Gold Medal International Wine Club VISIT SITE

Gold Medal Wine Club

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars Very Good
The Gold Medal Wine Club has a great International Wine Club called the "International Series" that brings ultra-premium wines from some of the world's greatest hidden wine country estates, straight to your door. These wines are very hard to find as they are rarely sold in stores in the US. The wine club makes quarterly shipments of three specially selected wines (two different reds and one white) and costs $75 a quarter ($25 a bottle). Read our full review of the Gold Medal Wine Club.

Celebrations International Wine Club VISIT SITE

Celebrations Wine Club

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars Very Good &
Celebrations was the 8th best international wine club this year for their amazingly hard to find Italian wines. However, since they only offer Italian wines, we had to rank them lower than their competitors that provide wines from all over the world.
Read our full review of the Celebrations Wine Club.


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